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Determinations of these chemical contaminants in food are important in environmental monitoring for the prevention, control and reduction of pollution as well as for occupational health and epidemiological studies.

Matache References 1. Dudka, S. Quality 26 32. Hura C. ISBN 6.

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ISBN — -9 7. ISBN — 8. ISBN — - Bioluminescent assays in vivo and in vitro were used to monitor detoxification of solutions of model pollutants quinones and metallic salts by humic substances HS. Detoxification was found in the solutions of some quinones and trivalent metallic salts Cr, Fe.

Detoxification efficiency of HS was characterized by detoxification coefficients.

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Dependence of the detoxification coefficients on redox corpul ciri- ciri slim herbal asli dan palsu of quinones was found in the series of homological quinones - 1,4-benzoquinone, tetrafluoro-1,4-benzoquinone, methyl-1,4-benzoquinone, tetramethyl-1,4-benzoquinone, and 1,4-naphtoquinone. Conclusion was made on reduction activity of HS in the quinone solutions. Comparison of bioassays in vivo and in vitro showed that detoxification occurs before the quinones can penetrate through the cellular membrane.

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The results of the bioassays were compared in the absence and in the presence of HS. Detoxification of the radioactive solutions by HS was found. Introduction It is known that bioluminescent bacteria and enzymes isolated from these bacteria are used as ecological assay systems.

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They are convenient objects to study remediation processes. Luminous bacteria and their bioluminescent enzymatic reactions are considered as the simplest models of living organisms.

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This is a reason of their application as bioassay, mainly in ecological investigations. Advantages of this assay are simplicity, fast response, and no requirement for highly organized organisms. Generally, the main feature of all bioassays is integral response, hence, they could be applied as alarm tests, indicating habitat unfavourable for life. The results of bioassay reveal the necessity of a detailed chemical assay, which is more expensive and time-consuming than the biological one [1].

Microorganisms, luminous bacteria included, are currently preferable in ecological monitoring as bioassays [].

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Bacterial bioluminescence-based assay was described in its current form as long ago as [6]. Then other researchers [7,14] modified the luminescent bacterial assay.

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Application of enzymatic bioluminescent reactions is a new direction in this field. In the in vitro bioluminescent system of enzymatic coupled reactions was suggested as a toxicity assay [5]. Later [15], the bioluminescent enzyme system immobilized into starch gel proved to be a promising one.

Proceedings of 2nd International Conference On Environmental Research and Assessment

Bioluminescent assay in vitro provides opportunity to optimise sensitivity to definite pollutants by varying substrate concentration or by constructing coupled enzymatic chains [].

There exists a possibility to use bioluminescent assay systems of different organization level, i.

Sijspan Antoliak,Frorjo Mab, prof de Nila fins sc. Kafer XY. Inotetkou XV.

The last position is very important because it provides possibility to compare toxic effects on the levels of whole cells and enzymatic reaction. This means that we can discuss mechanism of toxic effect.

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